How to add the PayPal JavaScript SDK to my Bubble website


we would like to integrate advanced PayPal Checkout to our Bubble-website and at the Step 3 of this manual is needed to add the PayPal JavaScript SDK to your web page:
" 1. Copy the complete sample code from the GitHub repo and follow the setup instructions."

How can we do it by Bubble?

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You can build the Bubble plugin and use the Paypal SDK.

Also running into the same problem, I’m looking to integrate the PayPal onboarding link in my native app (viewable in a popup, not opening an external website), but not sure how to run a Javascript SDK using the Toolbox plugin or any other process.

Hopefully someone pops in here who has experience.

As @ankur1 said, you can build a plugin that handles that fairly easily. The plugin builder makes it easy to use SDK and libraries. I’m not sure using the Toolbox plugin other other processes would work and they probably would be kinda wonky if they did.

If you’re new to plugin development, it’s probably easier than you think. I recommend watching @eli 's videos where he introduces you to the plugin dev area and then walks through building a plugin using an external library:

Part 1:
Part 2:

Hope that helps.

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When I heard “building a plugin” I was a little intimidated haha, but I’ll check that out. Thanks!

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Ha me too, but Eli’s walk-throughs are really helpful and should get you started well.

Thanks a lot, @johndurso! :+1:

We will be trying to use these videos to make our own plugin for PayPal JavaScript SDK.

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FYI those videos will help you get started in plugins but the one Eli is building is a little different than what you’ll likely need for a PayPal plugin. I haven’t integrated PayPal but I have just recently integrated Stripe for payments and I imagine they’re somewhat similar where you need to work with their APIs and webhooks. Also might sound intimidating but if you go through step by step it’s not difficult. And the best part is that once you can do this you can do a whole lot more with your app!

Happy to help if you have any more questions.