How to individually add/delete each image in a list of images

I am finding this incredibly difficult/frustrating. I have a data field call ‘Lesson’s’ which holds different school lessons. The ‘Lesson text new’ column is a list of texts representing each paragraph in the lesson. This part is already complete, and works fine - like this:

As you can see, it correctly displays the first paragraph of the lesson which is great. However, I now wish for the teacher to be able to add images to support each paragraph. Specifically, I want them to be able to upload a new image, or remove the current image for that paragraph.

Importantly if the user doesn’t upload an image for a given paragraph, then it should remain blank. I had tried uploading a white image in the worfklow, but still I am having issues with the way I have set it up.

FYI, the database table looks as follows, where ‘Image’ is a list of images:

I would be extremely appreciative of any help on this, given I have spent so long on it and tried various approaches.

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