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How to keep recurring payment date on the same date each month?

Hi there,

In my SaaS, I want to bill each monthly user on the same day of the month.

I was using the +(days): 30 method but I noticed dates were getting moved earlier and earlier with each cycle.

If I use the +(months): 1 method, will that lock the day of the month to always be the same? Such as taking the 4th day of the month and always keeping it such as Jun 4, Jul 4, Aug 4, etc.

How would that work if the monthly anniversary is the 31st of a month with 31 days?


Hey, @underhill.dan,

You can use the :rounded down to month + : + 10 days :grinning: :computer:


Does this look correct? How to the +10 days compute?

Yes, all users should be billed on the 10th of each month

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