How to know if new item added to repeating group?

I want to trigger an action when a new items appears in a repeating group. Has anyone done this before and have suggestion on how to know when a new item has been added?

Do you mean “when new items come into view via extended vertical scrolling?” or literally when the source list size changes?

If you mean the latter:

The number of items in the RG is RG’s List of Things:count.

Add a numeric custom state to the RG, lets call it old-count.

Two workflows:

  1. Initialize old-count: When Page is Loaded, set state RG’s old-count to value RG’s List of Things:count.

  2. Create a “Do when condition is true” workflow. Condition: RG’s old-count < RG’s List of Things:count. Don’t forget to set “every time.”

In that workflow, do what you want (to make it more modular, keep in mind u could trigger a custom event workflow). As the last step in Workflow 2, set RG’s old-count to RG’s List of Things:count so that they are once again the same.


Thanks Keith. As I started to type a response I figured out a way to do it. Since the “new” records are being created when an API workflow is triggered. I added a new boolean field (triggerNotification) to the table and set it to “yes” in the API workflow. On the page I’m using a “Do when condition is true” event to trigger the sound and then update the record’s triggerNotification to “no”.

Now I just need to add something to cancel the notifications (set TriggerNotification to No) if the user isn’t on the page cause I don’t want multiple notifications to fire if they weren’t on the page when the record was created.

Keith you legend, I have been trying to tackle this issue the whole day!

Can you pleas pleas - do a more detailed explanation … with pic, hade be very helpful for me and other a think TANKS legends