Updating repeating group whenever a new entry is made

I have a repeating group on a page, and next to it I have a couple of other fields.

Whenever someone enters something new into the fields I want it to update the repeating group.

For user-interface reasons I don’t have a save button. Instead I am using a workflow to detect when one of these field changes.

The data is ending up being saved correctly, but the repeating group isn’t updating to reflect those changes.

Any ideas?

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Hi Siddhartha,

I tried replicating this with “Do when an inputs value is changed”, create a new thing “text= inputs value” and it works for me.

Some general ideas:

  1. to use the workflow action: display list to have the repeating group load again with the same source
  2. to use a state to set the data source of the repeating group and have the state update after you create that new field.

To help you better: which workflow are you using to detect one of your fields changing and what actions are you using then?


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Thanks for that Julius. I seem to have got it working now.

It seemed the problem was that I’d got the ‘When an input is changed’ set on one of the fields, but not the other. Strangely, when I was changing the field I had specified it wasn’t updating the repeating group until I clicked out of the field I’d changed. I have not set two workflows up; one for each field and it is now working perfectly.

So thanks for your help.

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