How to learn about database models and database structure

Great share - there is a lot of value in this post

appreciate your comment. Thank you!

This was very helpful, thank you, I am definitely struggling a bit with the database piece. Thanks!

I am fairly new to bubble, and looking at the database entries I have created I cannot find ID or FK (am I correct in thinking FK=Foriegn Key). I have found a Unique ID in every entry if that is one of the keys

Thanks @boston85719 !

Hi, I am new to Bubble, and I would like to accelerate my learning. It seems that understanding how to structure databases would be a good skill to learn BEFORE learning Bubble?

In which case, what am I looking to learn? (I can write the words “structure databases” very confidently, but I really have no idea what they mean at all)

Would it be worth me taking a Udemy course, or is this something I can pick up from a 20 minute video? Directions to a good resource would be amazing!

Also, what other skills should I learn in advance / parrallel that would make my Bubble learning journey more efficient? My aim (hope?) is to eventually become at least moderately proficient at Bubble…

Many thanks!

Hello @StandUp

Resources below for your consideration: :smiley:

One of the best if not the best set of Bubble wisdom gold nuggets written so far (paid) by @petter

All other ones are non-paid:

Alternative approach to the Bubble’s recent tutorials for list of things


Hello Nigel,
Could you help me clarify table structure for my case?
I’m trying to build a field operation webapp. My goal is to have users (Table A) send field reports (Table B) as submissions using a forms app. After that just create a pdf report for client (Table C).

Table B will be the center of the app, as I need to generate graphs with that data ,filter by user or client, populate a report.
Should i add a data fields in Table B with user and client as Table A and C data types?

Any feedback will be appreciated, sir.


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Nigel, i appreciate your patience , you’re right about this application is many to many because clients will login to the app to see their data too and i need a way limit access to reports that only belong to that user/client.

Thank you