Any Database structures book / course recommended by experts for intermediate developers?

Hello bubble experts :wave:

I am working on bubble since 1 year.
Till now i worked on multiple apps (to be precise 4) which are real time deployed live apps…

I often realise that while developing any app i mostly mess up the database design / structure :slightly_frowning_face:
**mostly it will be fixed by my seniors & sometimes by the experts of this forum like @mikeloc @adamhholmes @Jici **

Can anybody guide me how can i improve this ?
Any recommended book for database structure design / course ?

Thanks in advance for your help :pray:


Hi there, @mdburhan3… it couldn’t hurt to start with these resources, if you haven’t seen them already.

Also, if you google database design, you will find other content, too, including videos.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks :+1:

Off topic, just out of curiosity i would like to know
How did you improve your understanding of databases when you are on intermediate stage of your bubble career ? (I know you are having a lot of experience now but during initial years of your bubble)

Hey @mdburhan3 :wave:

Not sure if you saw this yet either but Bubble put many common examples in the manual as well. Check it out: Guides: Setting Up Your Database, by App Type - Bubble Docs


@J805 Thanks a lot :+1:
I often go to bubble docs but i never saw this page…
I feel every bubble developer needs to check this out.

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@mdburhan3, I’m not sure how much my understanding of databases has improved over the years, but my thinking about how to approach the data types when I start a new Bubble app has definitely evolved.

I’m sure some folks would disagree, but I think it is a waste of time to try to design every aspect of your data types before you start building a Bubble app because no matter how thorough you think you can be, the design is almost certainly going to change as you go. What I try to do is make sure I have all of the big aspects of the design covered up front. For example, does the app need to support multi-tenancy? Are there any data types that look like they will contain a large number of fields, and should I consider creating satellite data types instead of including all of the fields in one data type? Am I setting the data types up in a way that will make it easy to configure privacy rules? Should I use list fields, and if so, will the potential size of any of the lists affect performance? Etc.

Anyway, that’s just my approach… your mileage may vary. :slight_smile:

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@mikeloc Thanks a lot for your response :+1:

I am 100% agree with this :point_up_2:

What are satellite data types :thinking: ?

In a nutshell, it’s just breaking a data type that has lots of fields into multiple data types that are linked together. Here is an article about it.

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This post helped me while starting out…

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Thanks a lot :+1:

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Check out - there is a library of prebuild databases that you can copy and paste. Then, you can learn how those DBs were structured as they were created by professionals like myself!

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