Best tutorials for data structure/creation

Hello All,

I am currently building out a wizard in an educational application and have multiple forms of data I am working with…some of which is inputted by the user while others are selected in a hierarchical manner from prompts, (similar to a visual tree view that goes deeper down the rabbit hole depending upon which choice you select.)

Currently, I am running around in circles trying to figure things out and was hoping that you guys may have some resources you may share on building data structures and best practices.

I have read and done searches, but if there are some good videos/ courses/ tutorials out there on structuring data- it would help immensely!


You can google for “entity relationship model” (ERM) or “entity relationship diagram” (ERD) tutorials. For instance, this one is nice If you are a true beginner, let me say that Bubble is automatically taking care about ‘identifiers’ (these are Unique_id fields in Bubble; you can find this field in every data type that you create - it can be seen if you enter data ‘manually’ in Data | App data, and also when you are building user interface and workflows), and ‘foreign keys’ are fields for which you set their Field type to be one of the data types that you created.

More ‘theoretical’ foundations are for instance here:


Awesome! Thanks for the resources!

I am also looking for ways/best practices of building out a model in bubble…as I want to make sure that the way I build out the data structures will not become a pile of tangled yarn as I scale.

Almost like an " Bubble Data Structuring for Dummies" :rofl::rofl:

Actually, I was thinking of preparing something like that, not sure though if there is something already out there… If I only had time… :slight_smile:


I sure cannot find much.

A tutorial of sorts going from designing the idea of the data you are collecting with a walk through of structuring your app…in laymen’s terms… would be highly beneficial- especially for beginners who are tech savvy but not technical minded (yet)

I know app organization and structures are a big thing…so the ability to put your best foot forward and design with best practices in mind wouldn’t be wasted :sunglasses:

@jballou - You might want to check out and see when @romanmg is opening this back up. It walks you through a bunch of stuff that may help you. It’s very informative and (imo) worth the investment.