How to make a follower and unfollow system

I am new to bubble and am wondering how to make a follow and unfollow system. I would also need to be able to make a follower list. Any help is great!

It sounds simple but there are several bubble steps needed to make it work.

My estimate for someone new (assuming limited previous programming knowledge) is about 1-2 weeks of learning and testing to make this work with the goal of understanding not just copy and pasting. This way you can expand / maintain the functionality once you have it in place. Otherwise you’ll get stuck somewhere down the road…

To follow a user you just create a user field in the datatable called followers. On your page create a button that says follow then a workflow that when pressed adds the current user to the specified users followers. Then the follow button should have a condition that checks if the current user is following the specified user - if so hide the follow button. On a unfollow button you want the opposite condition that unhides it if the the current user is following the specified user. A follower list could be shown on a user’s profile page and would just be a repeating group of a search for current user’s followers.


Thanks. Just one more question if for say I put a link on a users post so someone could click on it and view their profile, how do I set this up. I made a page that would display other users pages, but I don’t know how to display their data (name, bio etc) on the page?

Create a page called “Profile”. Double click on the page so the menu pops up. You’ll see “Type of Content”. You’ll probably select “User”.

Now when a user creates a post on your main page, you can make it so when the current user clicks the profile picture from a post, it’ll go to the page “Profile” and send that user’s data.

Make sense?

Sort of. So I will set up this profile page like a real page but what do I put as the dynamic data? All that is there is current user info. And when you say send user that is the current user correct?


Did you make the type of content User? If so, then you’ll be able to get data dynamically using “Current Page’s User”.

Yes I have done this but when I click on it in preview it shows the current users information


please send me a public link to your editor.

Sure it’s


It’s currently private so I can’t access it.

I know. It says it’s public but for some reason bubble banned my account that I am building with from the forum so I can’t access it so I don’t think it will let me give you the public address.

Here I made it public. The link is


still not working for some reason

That’s weird it worked for me and I am using a separate account. I could give you the username/password for the account. I would just require your email.


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