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How to Create a Follower System

I am having the darnedest time understanding how to create a follower system. I have been researching for days, have tried all of the advice I’ve previously found on google on the forum and have yet to be able to successfully create a follower system for my site. I have several issues I need to address, but this one is one of the most important at this particular time for the building of my site.
I also plan to split the followers up into 2 separate lists, if that is possible, so that is something I need assistance with as well.

Hey there @hannah.svihus,

Depending on how your data is setup and how you want your follower system to work it’ll vary. If you want something like Instagram and having a followers list, you can simply add a new field within the User data type called Followers, type = user and make it a list.

I’m so sorry, I’m just now seeing this. I actually got it figured out, but thank you so much for the reply. :slight_smile: