How to make a ionic toggle work?

Hello, I am very new to Bubble and I have a question about Ionic Toggle.
I wanna make a toggle. so that when the toggle is on it changes one value of a field in datatype to true or false.
But I don’t quite understand how do I bind the toggle with the changing of the value?

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If you open up the workflows tab and add a workflow called “Do when condition is true” you can then click the “only when input” and add “ionictoggle is checked/isn’t checked”

If you want this to occur every time then make sure to change the “run this” drop down accordingly


This does not work. Ionic toggle does NOT have an option check/unchecked in the workflows…Please advise…

hi @jonneal3,

you can find that option if you choose “when an input’s value is changed” workflow > ionic toggle > checked/unchecked. Then set your workflow as you see fit.

for example, here I’m toggling the “active” state of the app’s users: (8)

and here is the result reflected in the DB:

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