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I am using Ionic Toggle. What I need to happen is when a condition is true (with that toggle), turn off the toggle. Here is what I have:

The problem that I have is that when that “dynamic” value is changed to “no” when the conditional is true, it is not register as an ionic toggle being “changed” in the workflow when the input is changed.

So essentially, the conditions are true, the toggle is turned off “visually”, but it is not running the workflow to change the toggle there so that my back end knows.

How do I send the data to my backend to essentially turn off the toggle there but from the specific “conditions” tab on the toggle itself?

The dynamic status API option has NOT been successful to change the back end. What would make that successful?

Sorry - See the above image as the one that which I had, where when the condition is true, is visually turns off the toggle visually, but will not trigger the workflow input which then changes my back end.

Hi @jonneal3,

So you’re trying to run a WF when the toggle is being toggled? If so, you can right click on the toggle and Start/Edit Workflow or you can also use auto-binding.


Create a workflow that is triggered everytime the conditions you pointed above were true. This workflow will not depend on your toggle being turned on or off. :+1:

Hey man! Thanks for helping out here! Unfortunately, the toggle and all relevant values are in a repeating group. Sorry, crucial detail I know.

That fact unfortunately, means that I cannot start a workflow based upon the “do when conditions are true”…


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