How to make a Order List and receipt

i want to create a order list kinda like this. and a receipt like the image below.

You can do that using a repeating group and group

and set all the data types and all correct?

Hello -

Yes, @johnny is correct. You’ll want to set up a repeating group for whichever data type you are looking to display a list of records for (it sounds like “Order” might be a good name for your data type.)

Then, set up a repeating group with a type of content set to “Order,” and the data source set to “do a search for orders.”

Then, you’ll need to populate the data you want to display inside each cell of the repeating group by inserting visual elements into the cell and populating their dynamic data sources. As part of this, you should include a button or icon that the user can click to “view details.”

Then, set up another group that will represent the “details view” - This group can have a type of content also set to Order, but since its a group and not a repeating group, it will only take a single item rather than a list.

Set up a workflow on the button or icon within your repeating group’s cell to “display data” in the “view details” group - you can display the “Current Cell’s Order.”

I hope this is helpful! If you are confused by any of this, I would highly recommend visiting our academy page and browsing some of our learning resources: Academy | Bubble

thank you sam!

i will give it a try as soon as i can get my hands on my laptop. as well as that i want the notifications be for multiple things not just Orders.

so like, if an order is placed/updated/edited/etc. and when user credentials are updated or something like that, multiple things.