How to make a special type of invite link

So, I have my main site at:

It is essentially an event creation area where an event planner / runner creates an account / logs in and creates an event.

Each event planner has it’s own page, where users will login as attendees.

All the attendees will be in a general pool and they register for whatever parties I give them access too (at various urls for each event). so the url babove is for people either registering for the event or just logging in and essentially going to a “lobby” but not having access to the main event area.

If the user registers (and let’s say pays for the event) I want to send a custom link that would give them access to the event area. so an invite url would look like:

The purpose being that I want the registered attendees to have a special link (or the appearance of one) that the normal users won’t get.

I am not sure if roles, conditional statements or even something like a voucher code would be able to solve this.

I would just like a direction to go since I know I can attack this in many different ways.

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