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Using an invite link to add a user to a new group?

I’ve been struggling with this all day. I’m building something like Reddit. I want to invite new users to the app with a link that also invites them to a room (like a subreddit).

According to this post, I created a new data type that is an invite (including the invitee’s name, room name, and a slug). But I have no idea how to go from that to creating the invite url.

Please help!

Hi @adamlamb ,

I never actually got around to that project, so have not created anything, but what you would need to do (roughly) is:

  1. Create your datetype that contains the invites (done)
  2. Direct users to the usual login/registration portal, containing a parameter for the unique ID or other identifier to their specific invite
  3. Allow them to create an account, but as part of the workflow, take the unique ID for the invite and process that

I would recommend having a look at plugins that also support what you’re trying to do.

Sorry I can’y be much more helop on this one, bust basically, the idea is that you create a relationship between the invite and the user during login process.