How to make a way to click on search results

Hey Bubblers! In my app, I have a search box at the top of my homepage. The search box is working, as in you can see posts. However, I would like to be able to click on a search result, and go to a page for that post. How would I do that? Thanks!

I don’t think the search box itself allows for a click and then go feature…however, you should be able to take the search box value and set up a conditional workflow.

Conditional workflow would be ‘do when search box value changes’ and then use the value of the search box to send data to the new page you want to go to

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Thanks mate. Can you explain this a little more detailed? I am sorry, I cannot visualize things very well. I can share the link to my app if you would like.


Thanks! What I think I’ll end up doing is just making a page for search results, that seems faster.

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