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How to make an element's boolean on one page affect whether an element is visible on another page?

Let me explain with what I specifically want to do. I want users to be able to check boxes on one page. Then, based on the boxes they check, a serious of input lines will become avaliable on the next page. So if a user wants to add their favorite food, they click the box for favorite food, and on the next page is a input line titled favorite food, but if they don’t click the box, I don’t want them to be able to input.

Hey there and welcome to Bubble! I can think of two ways to solve this

A) have page 1 send parameters to page 2 using the URL

B) (my recommendation) have page 1 create the “thing” partially filled out. And when sending the iser to page 2, send the “thing” that was created. You will have to set page 2 type of data as that same type and bubble will allow you to pass it along to page 2. Then use conditions based off the thing created to show the input box.

Hope this helps!