Showing an element on another page

Hello, this is what I want to do; I want to have someone click a button on a page and something show up on another page can I have some help.

If the button is a Yes/No field then when you click the button it will reflect in the other page, even if it takes a second or two to show the change.

So have the something on the other page conditionally show when the field reads Yes and not show when the field is No. When the button is pushed then the condition on the other page should trigger if I am not mistaken.

I know I sound stupid im a rookie to this stuff but what would i select in the workflow?

Everyone starts as a rookie however this you can find in the tutorials at the Bubble Homepage. They have a tutorial that shows you how to develop workflows that would modify fields.

But to answer your question.

Have the workflow have a block that when a button is clicked makes a change to a thing. Have that thing be in reference to the thing on the other page you were referencing.

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So how would i reference it?

Firgured it out, thanks!

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