How to make calculation in bubble

hi all bubblers
i am trying to make app to control company expenses
i have field called Amount - i want to sum all data in that field and display it in text element ?
how can i do ?

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Hi @ayanle876 - I’ve made an example “RG Table of Sums” on my demo page:



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i dont want to count field rows , i what to calculate what is in the field, look below image

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Have a Set State action in a Workflow that’s triggered by a button click, create a custom state of a number type and in the Value box for the action have an expression for Do A Search For … for the data type, then select :each item’s amount and then select :sum (full expression = “Search For :each item’s amount :sum”). This will put the summed value into the custom state. Add a text box to the page that you want to display the value in and in the text box insert dynamic data and point it to the custom state (you’ll have to add a :formatted as).

Hope that helps.