How to make element only clickable on changes

I have a repeating group with groups in it. When you click on one of the groups in the RG, a state is set on the rich input field with the prompt of the clicked group. I have a button “Save changes” on every group in the RG (the green button on the screenshot). This button saves the changes made on the rich input.

I want it to be clickable only if the value in the rich input has actually changed, compared to the original prompt value of the chosen group in the RG. At the moment I have the following condition on the button:

This works well, only as soon as you click on a group, then the buttons on the other groups become green and and clickable again because that condition is no longer valid for those groups:

right here i selected the last group:

You see that the button of the group i selected isnt clickable, however the first group’s button is clickable because the condition does not apply to that button anymore because the rich inputs value is not the same with the prompt of the first group.

How can i achieve this?

Hi there, @samedgurses46… I’m not sure if I understand the exact issue you are having, but because you are using a custom state in a repeating group, you might need another custom state (number) that you set to the current cell’s index when the group is clicked. Then, you could add a second part to your condition where the custom state’s value is the current cell’s index, and you might be good to go.

Hope this helps.


Hi @mikeloc thank you for your response,

So I would like to confirm that I understand your explanation correctly. So you actually mean: when a group is clicked, a custom state must be set for the index of that group, for example number 5. Then put in the condition of the button: When current cell’s index is custom state’s value… …

Is my assumption correct? If i am correct, how can i set a number to the current selected index ?

The group is inside a repeating group, and you would set the custom state to the current cell’s index of the repeating group. Then, yes, you would reference the custom state’s value in the condition on the button, and when that value is the same as the current cell’s index, the button could be clickable or not clickable (depending on how you define the condition). So, I’m thinking the condition would look something like this…


Hi @mikeloc ,

How can i set a custom state with a number for the index? Do you have any clue or tips?

When the group is clicked, use the Set state workflow action to set a custom state’s (number) value to the current cell’s index… simple as that.

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thank you very much @mikeloc it worked, I appreciate it

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