How to make FloatingGroup Appear When scrolling up?


I am trying to make a floatinggroup appear on the page when user scrolls up, as of now I am able to make it appear when user scrolls down to certain position on page; but when user is scrolling back up and back at the position, the floating group does not appear unless they begin scrolling down again.

How do I make it appear when scrolling up?

Here is how it is now: as you can see when scrolling up it is not there, only when scrolling down:

Here is current example of how I am doing the workflows:

Appreciate any help, thanks.

I’m thinking of having a hidden input field on the page.

Let’s call it MAX SCROLL.

For the workflow,
Step 1: Every second you can check the scrolling position.
Step 2: IF it’s equal to or greater than the max scroll field, just update MAX SCROLL input field.
Step 3: IF it’s LOWER than that input field you know the user has scrolled up, and you can show a floating group.

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I’m not understanding what you mean. What is a hidden input field?

Hi @artistdata22 ,

First, take the floating group and apply it on the page where you want to place it. After placing it
apply the condition to the floating group when the

current scrolling position is >300 or any length

Then apply the condition you want add.

For Example:-


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THank you Karam.

I am currently however having troubles with this when the user scrolls up.

The scrolling position conditional works fine when user scroll downs, but it does not initiate when user scrolls back up on the page after scrolling down.

Any ideas?

Hey @artistdata22 ,

Try using the opposite condition like when the current page scrolling position is < 300 or any other height. Then this element is visible or any other condition you want to apply…

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