How to detect when a user initiate a scrolling down / up?

Hi everyone!
I want to hide and show sections (groups) based on scrolling “initiation”.
1 Page is loaded first group is shown (100% vertical height of the screen)
2 User tries to scroll down: first group* is hidden and second group* is shown
3 … and so on and same thing for scrolling up.

In other words: how to detect that the user is trying to scroll down (or up)
Thank you very much for the help

Hi there, @aminebouterfa… here is an example of a condition you can add to a group that displays the group when the page is scrolled past a certain position.


If I understand your post correctly, having the group not be visible on page load and then adding such a condition should produce the desired result because the group will become visible when the user scrolls down, and when they scroll back up, it will automatically become hidden again.

Hope this helps.


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