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How To Make Horizontal Scroll Table For Repeating Group


I have done and managed to get the repeating group table.

  1. Everything works in Desktop, except when I try to browse it one the mobile.

  2. On mobile device (especially Potrait Mode), the repeating group table seems like not readable at all. It keeps on clashing on top each other.

  3. I tried fix the table, but it won’t look good at desktop.

  4. Any way or plugin that I can enable the horizontal scroll bar? So that the width remain the same, just I would be able to scroll it left of right to read the repeating table on mobile. Instead it clashing on top each other, or when fixed, the table will be cropped.

  5. Attached photo if the sample from my other web based system that’s mobile friendly. Why the table width is larger, it will have scroll bar horizontally so we can scroll left to right to view all data.

thank you in advance.