[SOLVED] Repeating Group Horizontal Scroll Problem

Heyyo friends,

I have some repeating groups set to horizontal scroll that stop at 2.5 items on mobile ONLY. The groups have many more than those 2.5 and it’s pretty important that they all show (obviously).

I’m building an app exclusively for mobile, but it works when I view it in desktop browsers.

Let me know what I’m doing wrong!

Can you share a link to the editor and/or preview mode? :slight_smile:

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Yeah, hard to diagnose without more info.

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Ha figured it out. The group was still set to full width and it was reaching the “end” off screen of the “mobile” page.

Thanks for looking at it. Bubble n00b over here!

No prob :slight_smile: Glad you got it working!

Hi @tjsyndram, I’m looking to create a horizontally scrolling repeating group that stops at 2.5 items on mobile (or more generally show only half an item at the end, so the user knows to keep scrolling horizontally), like e.g. the Google Play Store.

So far I’ve only seen the option to set the number of columns in a horizontally scrolling repeating group to integers.

Looks like you managed to do that already. Any chance you (or anybody else who knows) can share how you did it?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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@emmanuel @tjsyndram I have the same question. In horizontal scrolling repeating group, the user would not know that she has to scroll beyond a point until the repeating group shows a part of the next element just like the Google Play Store example here by @kelvin.wong. Any idea how to get it to work?

I never managed to make it work, and gave up in the end. My alternative was to make my horizontal repeating group scroll itself forward slowly on page load, wait 1 second or so, then scroll itself back to the start slowly, so that the user could see that it’s a scrollable list (or it was something like that).

How do you make it scroll slowly? The animation operation is too fast.

Actually I probably found the same - that the scrolling was too fast. In the end I just added a ‘1/8’ counter and ‘Next >’ buttons :sweat_smile:

Not the slickest UI, but it worked