How to make MultFileUploader work with Slideshow/Carousel Element

I found that without putting this condition in I was getting a lot of blanks in the slideshow. Note in each of the repeating group I had a “delete” button and “delete” was showing up in the slideshow but no picture. Below is example for the 10th pic. Hope this helps. Works like a charm for me.

Hi @emmanuel ! First of all, thanks for developing, its such a great tool to develop ideas!!!

Now, about this slideshow issue, is unfortunate to have this problem because slideshow galleries are a very important feature for any website. And is odd, because it used to work some months ago.

So it would be fantastic if you guys fix out this issue, and maybe add features such as text over the images. Both images and text to be able to “come from” dynamic sources.

This would be an awesome add to the arsenal of bubble features!

Have a great day, and keep it up!