How to upload more than one image at a time

How do users upload more than one image at a time?

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We don’t really have this, the multilfile uploader is for any file, not necessarily images. But it works with images.

But you could do this


Wow, multifile uploader has a uploading progress bar, and drag and drop!!!


Wonderful! So we can now populate a repeating group.
But we are having tremendous problems with the workflow to save it… are we saving as a file or an image? How do we save the images?

You save it in a workflow, and the field should be a list of files/images. Try it on the forum app!


We’ve tried it, but can’t get it to play nice… could you take a look and tell us what’s wrong??

Check what I did

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… but don’t do that with the carousel. But fine with RGs.

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Brilliant!!! Now we just have to implement it throughout the site. Oh no, we’ve done it already. We love Bubble!! SO FAST to make massive differences!! Thanks @emmanuel



I’ve looked at the example in the public app but modified it slightly so that the images are shown on a different page instead of the existing page. Once this change it made, it doesn’t work anymore.

Does anybody know why this is?

My app example is here: test-checklist | Bubble Editor

Much appreciated, thanks guys

Hey all - looking for some help with multi file uploader and images.

I’m building a very simple inventory app focusing on custom clothing. Products can be of the same style (ex. t-shirt) and same size (ex. XL) but the pattern/print/image of the t-shirt will be totally unique to one item so images are required for tracking.

I’ve used the forum pretty extensively and incorporated @strang22 's solution here (How to make MultFileUploader work with Slideshow/Carousel Element) to use the workflow to store the image and it’s almost perfect. However, I’m running into one issue that has me stumped.

Issue: Using the workflow approach you specify the number of new records to create based on your workflow, however I need to limit the number of records created to be equal to the number of photo’s the user uploads. For example, if the workflow creates 5 records but the user only uploads 3 images then I only want 3 entries in the db. Right now the workflow approach is creating 5 records, 2 without images (which totally makes sense, just not my intent).

Here’s the test app link:

@emmanuel @lonetour @NigelG @romanmg @strang22 , i know y’all have been working on a variation of this topic so any thoughts on how I can get this to work? Is there some way to add a conditional that stops the workflow if there aren’t any more images? Or make image a mandatory input?

Thanks in advance!

I haven’t found a solution I love, but I’ve done a few things that get the job done. In your case, you could always do “When save button is clicked and multifile uploader’s: count is 1” > create 1; another workflow for 2; another for 3, etc. Although, you’d have to have a pre-determined max to know how many of these to create.

To make a photo upload mandatory, select “this input should not be empty” and for multi-upload, “this input is mandatory”.

Hope this helps.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

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I haven’t tested this yet, but I just whipped up a solution I think will work.

After your create photos actions create another action for delete list of photos.

Type: photos
List to Delete: Search for Photos

Constraint 1: Identifier = Current Identifier’s Thing
In my case: race = current page race
Yours might be: clothing = Clothing unique identifier (SKU # or Clothing Name for example)

Constraint 2: Photo is empty

So the logical workflow of bubble should be:
Create X photos including some blank ones
Delete blank photos immediately

I’ll try to test this evening.

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I’ve done this too, haha. It works.


Sweet! Love that I have two solid options to explore.

@romanmg already tried your solution and it worked perfectly! I don’t mind limiting the number of images that a user uploads at one time. Also, I think the multi file uploader has a limit functionality…

@strang22 that looks good as well! I’m going to give that a try and see if the workflow is a little easier to manage and what the experience is like for the user.

Thanks to both of you, I’ve been stuck on that for a while!


I have been doing this for over 7 hours with no luck and just came upon your statement… don’t do this with carousel. What do you mean?

I can get this to save 1 picture but it won’t save 2+ pictures. The carousel never work either. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong but it looks like you might know?

It always used to be that the carousel did not like a list of images. It would work as a list of things, which had an image field, But not a list of images.

Are you using the multi uploader ?

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Hi Nigel,

Yes, I’m using the multi file uploader to get the pictures to the database. Then I’m using the “slick slideshow” to get it to display. The carousel is “moving” but it’s not displaying anything.

I can’t get the pictures to get to the actual database so I guess that’s the starting point. I feel like I have tried everyway to set this up and it won’t accept pictures.


SUBMIT BUTTON (to send to data base)


Thank you for looking @NigelG

Very weird… it’s finally saving in the database. I think it’s half way done (If I did it correctly). Here is where I’m at now.



@NigelG If you know of an easier way to display a “lightbox” or “carousel” of pictures, I’m all ears. I’ve now spent 10+ hours try to simply display pictures. I’ve read 15+ forum step by steps and it seems most users are having major issues so I’m open to options :slight_smile:

Thank you for looking!