How to make screen height responsive?


I hope one of you can help me.
I’m new with bubble.
how can I make the height of the screen responsive as well? Or in other words how can I make the height of the screen to decrease and increase every time I chose a screen break point or size? The width of the screen changes in the responsive tab for the page to fit pc, mobile, etc. screen widths but the height doesn’t change, why is that?

Mobile screen heights are not the same as pc screen heights.

I’m trying to make an app with pages and elements responsive to mobile and pc.

Also I managed to find out with the help of some information that I found, how to make the first parent container width responsive to the screen or current page width. I created two other containers inside of the parent container and I added two texts. So to make the parent container’s witdth which in this case is a group responsive to the page and screen width I did this: In the parent container layout properties tab I chose one type of layout that isn’t fixed, I checked collapse when hidden, I unchecked make this element fixed-widht and make this element fixed-height,
I set min and max widths and heights as well, I unchecked fit widht to content and I unchecked fit height to content as well and I then I went to the appearence tab and in data source I added: Current page default breakpoint=max, current page default breakpoint=min.

So far this has helped in some way but what I really want is the elements and containers inside of the parent container to scale down or up when the width and height of the parent container increases or decreases, this is to be able to make an app for both mobile and pc. I’d like to achieve the same thing with the parent container inside of the page, which is to scale up or down when the width or height of the screen increases or decreases. I don’t know if you’ll understand what I’m trying to say.

But how can the screen height be responsive? What I mean is the height to also increase and decrease when it is either mobile, pc, etc.

If you could let me know the steps I will very much appreciate or if you know some tutorials or information that I can find that will help me solve the problem I will appreciate as well. Thank you very much!

For the page you may make the min height is 0:

I didn’t understand the other problem butit seems you need to watch the videos in the bubble academy for the basics

Thank you for the tip. Yes, I got confussed watching the tutorials.