How to Make Text Blurry

To make text blurry you don’t need a plugin or HTML…just use some of the settings on the text element.

I found this link:

which explained the basic concept of the styling

Then in bubble I set up this text element

The ‘transparent hex code’ is an option I created in my app to get transparent as a color choice

This is how it looks on first test

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 5.46.59 PM

More refined styling is in order, but the basic concept is there.


How do you get that field (where you put "Transperent’sHex Code) in the text input? Its not shown on my :grin:

You can also create a state in your page like “transparent code” and set default to #ffffff00

then in the text color you put “page’s transparent code” (ex: index’s transparent code)

I don’t know how he did that attribute option


It is a dynamic expression…get option

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Damn it… I didn’t know about this function… I used to use ‘do a search for’ and created a database like “options”…
From now on I’ll use this hahaha
Thanks for the tip

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How do you call it? I don’t have that field option in my text…?

have that field option

Not sure what your question is.

I dont have that field…

I understand that :grin: But I still don’t have that field in my text element

Silly me! Its the font color field :joy: