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How to make the files visible to specific users in the chat

Hello, I am developing an app using the pre built templates of bubble (Template like Upwork etc.).
Most of the work is done using the custom states and I am able to upload the files and make it visible to both the users but there is a strange behavior that, I am witnessing. Whenever I upload a file it gets uploaded multiple times and all of them are visible to users. Can you help me with an insight of where I might be going wrong or what is this issue?

If this is a template, I’d suggest reaching out to the developer as there may be an issue if it is getting uploaded multiple times.

If you added this feature yourself, the developer wouldn’t know what you did to cause the issue.

I’d suggest looking into privacy rules and add privacy rules to make it visible to only users you meet the privacy rules conditions you create. You may also look into making the file private as well.

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I definitely concur with @boston85719. It’s more of the privacy rules or a general problem to check with the developers.

@boston85719 @ngendowanjiku100 Thank you for your kind responses but I found the issue, file was being attached with each message present in the chat because I created a filed of file in messages thing. I moved that over to the conversation and now files are getting attached to the conversation instead of getting attached to each message

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