Are uploaded files secret? how can i maket them visible to specific users

Hello there!

My app uploads files that needs to only be seen by specific users. How can i make sure that no other can see-download them?

Thanks in advance!

I’m no expert but I am thinking this could work:
Assign each user a new field in the database. Name it Secret. Put that value to true for your specific users.
Then put a condition on the picture’s group, it will search for User, and a new constraint like: email (or user ID) = Secret’s value and condition for that picture to be visible if current user’s Secret value is true.

Not sure it will work LIKE that, but that’s a start to see how you can make that work.
How will you define those specific users?

My main concern is that if I can make the files only visible to certain users, because by just “uploading them” I believe Im making them available for every one with the link, am I correct?

correct, have a closer look at the ‘make private’ options as well as privacy rules:

Make this file private
By default, uploaded files are visible to anyone who has the link to the file. To provide an additional layer of security to files uploaded through this element, select this option. You will be prompted to select a thing to permanently attach the file to. That item can then be used to restrict access to the file via privacy rules. See Privacy.

@vincent56 @mvandrei just a question guys, every file uploaded are meant to be kept online forever right? like, no bubble’ code will delete it after a while? Unless I delete it myself, is this correct?

I’m not sure how to access/manipulate those files outside of Bubble though…

I know I can delete it from bubble.

Just to make sure nothing outside my app will delete them. Because those files are really precious for it’s users

I wouldn’t know, but a backup probably wouldnt hurt :smiley:

hahah yeah, thinking in having everything regularly in dropbox.

How would you backup thu bubble? is there any feature?

I think there will be something for that coming fairly soon… don’t know much more though

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