How to make the user logout while is redirecting to another page

Hello everyone…

I have an aesthetic issue…

When the user logs out Bubble will “erase” (personal information will be empty) and then will redirect to the specified page, which is completely unprofessional.

How to make Bubble redirect while the user logs out?

It’s almost the same when the user logs in via Social (it goes back to the login page which shouldn’t and then redirects to the specified page)

Hey @fabian.banushi,
An easy way would be to have a /logout page with the log user out action on page load.
So then you’ll just have to send the user on this page.
Additionally, you can also send the redirect URL as a URL parameter for the user to get redirected from /logout after he got logged out.


@vnihoul77 You are a genius of shortcuts :sweat_smile:

What about when the user login with a Social Network (Google, Facebook) it redirects to the login page… Do you have any idea how to work it out?

Thanks for your answer

Do you have a Loom video of what you’re describing?
Not sure to understand

I’ve made a quick video.

I’m at login page… I click Sign in with Google and it redirect me to the login page (which is completely fine if it is one another page), I want it to redirect to home page (which it does after shows the login page and look completely unprofessional.)

How to “force” Bubble to go directly to another page without to be redirected to the same page it was before.