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How to multiply certain rows of RG to make Report

I have Event which contain #items(“product”) and this items have their own #list of item(“composition”).
Also #items(“product”) can be multiplies by the number (“Qty”)

After create events i make report of #list of item(“composition”) from this events
and result is in RG with function “group by” i used it to make sum of item’s price and qty because some composition might match with other event

Something like this below
This is a list of item(“composition”) summed by 2 events

Now i want to multiply certain item’s price or qty from this RG , not all
How to figure it out? List of expression? Search by?


Please, have a look in this plugin and see if it can help you:


There are ways to do this with native Bubble functionality but too intricate to explain :pensive:

Complementing @mateusproto great suggestion there is another plugin that could prove useful by an awesome Bubbler @gaurav

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Thanks for sharing this other plugins @cmarchan!

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Meu pracer meu amigo! (morei em São Paulo anos atras…. adorei!) :grinning:

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@cmarchan Thank for sharing! I appreciate it))
I figure it out w/o any plugins just using API Workflow on the list!

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