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How to navigate data between groups instead of pages?

Hello everyone

Instructions say that I need to put all what the app contains in one page and navigate between groups (show and hide groups)

When navigating between pages I could easily pass info in the url in parameters… for ex If I wana to choose one item from a group and go to the next page, I can use the url to pass the name or number of the item I chose. How can I do that with groups?

When the user is staying on the same page and just changing groups, the easiest way to do this is by either setting a customer state or by loading a thing to one of the groups. Generally, a custom state is what you want if it’s in place of a URL parameter, so I’d start there.

Thank you!
but 1) I dont know how to use custome states and how to pass info through them
2) how do I load a thing to a group from a previous group?

any suggestion for both?

I’d search the forum as there are good explanations for each of these on the forum.

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And the Tutorials too.

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