Navigating between tabs

What is common practice for navigating between (menu) tabs? For instance letting the user jump from a group where they can see their profile to a group where they can see something else. Currently I’m doing this by hiding and showing groups, but I’m not sure if this is the best way. Is it perhaps better to use custom states instead?

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What you should do is the combination of these two things that you said, that is, use states to conditionally display the groups.

You can also use the URL parameter if you want to go to the previous tab with the back button.

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Thanks for your reply. I’m not that familiar yet with using custom states, but since it seems to be a core feature of Bubble I better start learning it.

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btw, you’ve mentioned that you are already “doing this by hiding and showing groups”. If you are not using custom states for this (which is usually the first option bubble new devs are using for this) - how do you make it?

You’re welcome.
Yes, states are particularly important, and we use them in most processes.
If you have any questions about them after learning, I will be happy to help.

probably made a separate workflow for each tab and used actions for show and hide elements.

In the workflow I was hiding the groups that I didn’t want to show and showing the group that I did want to show. So for example, when the user would click on tab Profile, in the workflow I first hid the other groups and then showed the group Profile.

But with the help of this video I’ve now managed to set up custom states, drastically reducing the number of steps in the workflows:

I see. So now you already know how to use custom states, if you are building some sort of single page app - you also can watch some nice video on using URL params to navigate between tabs/areas :slight_smile: