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How to not show icons

We have a user profile that can include links to social networks.

Of course some users don’t have all these networks, so we want to only show certain ones.

BUT if we just make them invisible there will be ugly spaces in the middle of the group. (eg. if there’s no Google+)

Any ideas??

Have tried to place each in a group element, hide group height when not viable, display them horizontally?

But that’s not going to move the elements that are visible next to each other to make them tidy…

Sorry, display vertically.

Yeah, we figured out how to do it vertically… but it’s not very pretty… we really need it to be Horizontal

No worries. That’s all I could think of.

Pop them in a repeating group ?


hmmm… with fields and all, that’s going to have to wait for the next iteration of the website… we launch on Tuesday 10th May!!


I’ve got similar issue :frowning:

Have a data type that holds a “social media” thing.

Then have a list of social media things on each user.


Didn’t think of that one