How to "Objet's list of Tags" contains "Dropdown list of tags"


My data types :

  • Tags : it has a “name”
  • Object : it has a “name” and a “list of Tags”

Now I have a repeating group listing "Object"s
I have the “Multiselect Dropdown” plugin by Bubble, that gives me a list of Tags

I want to filter the repeating group by every “Object’s list of Tags” contains the “Multiselect Dropdown’s Tags”

I’d think it would be possible to add a constraint in my “Do search” in the repeating group, but please see attached à picture of how it sends an error.
I’m trying to add the constraint “Objet’s list of Tags” contains “Dropdown list of tags” and it’s red :confused:


I’m confused
How can I solve this?

Best to you

you may try to check the type of “list of Tags” field in “Object” data type, that error may accur if you forget to set it’s type to “Tags”. If you take a look at (issues) and share a screen shot of it that would help.

Thanks for your message, I think I have shared the screenshot you are reffering to. It’s the second screenshot in my initial post.
It shows that “Object” has a field named “tags” which is a list of “Tags”

EDIT : while I’m at it I could add that doing the exact same thing but filtering on a SINGLE Tag from a single select Dropgdown list → it works
It doesn’t work when I use a multiselect dropdown list of Tags

Hi there, @bonjour_17… try using an advanced filter that looks like this.

If you haven’t used an advanced filter before, the Advanced option is all the way at the bottom of the dropdown when you add a constraint to the filter. Also, advanced filters happen on the client (browser) side, so keep that in mind from a performance perspective.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Mike,

I tried, but somehow it does not work here. Please see attached screenshots


What does the issue checker say? It’s likely a type mismatch, even though you think the types are the same.

Should be tag title
Or change the multi dropdown value to be tags instead of text

Oooh, I didn’t check this guy :man_facepalming:

It says “:filtered: value should be yes / no but right now it is a empty”

I don’t understand the meaning of this error

When I click on it, it circles red the customer

You selected the contains operator in the advanced filter, but you need to select contains list. Look closer at the screenshot in my example.

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Hi, thanks for the answer,
My multidropdown type is already type Tags

YEAH ! that was it, thank you so much. I missed that detail in your screenshot, my bad :man_facepalming:

Awesome, thanks :smiley:

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