How to open internal page in a new tab?

I am trying to setup seller profile so they can click a link to view their product.
I want that product page to open in a new tab so their seller profile stays open and they don’t have to click back (its how I’d build for myself).
Is there really not an easy way to do this?
I have seen a few plugins but some have terrible ratings.
Would feel much more comfortable using something that was built by Bubble.

If you use a Link element you can choose the option to “open in a new tab”, if you want to achieve this via workflow I think currently the only option is via plugins, I’d recommend “Open In New Tab - No Id Required”. It’s very straight forward and it gets the job done.


You could get started building plugins by doing something simple like this one!

Create an input for a client side action called url.

Here’s the code to open a link in a new tab. Throw it in a client side action and pass in the url. Bam!“properties.url", "_blank");

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