Open in a new tab for page nav actions

Hi everyone,

Yesterday, we released a new feature allowing you to open a link in a new tab when using “Go to page…” or “Open an external website” workflow actions. Note: this feature will only work properly when the workflow is initiated as a click OR when popups are enabled in your browser. Shoutout to @zoe1 for shipping this feature!

Thanks to those who supported this idea on the Bubble ideaboard!

Learn more about this feature here: Navigation - Bubble Docs


Excellent QOL change - Thank you!


Thanks @grace.hong @zoe1 ! These quality-of-life updates mean everything! :raised_hands:


Great to finally get this, no need to rely on a plugin anymore. Thanks! :blush:

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Thank you!!! Is it possible to provide users the option of opening in a new tab? See example.

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you need to use a link element for that.


maybe you can go with the experimental feature and enable right click options?

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How can we enable this feature?

I think its not an experimental feature sorry. Just go to workflows → add an event → interactions → Left mouse button clicked down → change to right click

Awesome! I noticed the notes/instructions on the pop up says or instead of AND.

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It should be “or”! Sorry for the confusion in the original post - I edited it :slight_smile:

It should stay as “or” because:

  • if something is triggered by a click it will always work even if popups are not allowed
  • if something is not triggered by a click then it should always work as long as popups are allowed

Hi for me it doesnt work. ive created a workflow that when someone click on the button, than it supposted to open current’s user link stored in data base. But even in the database is correct link it opens empty tab. Can you help?