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How to parameter a language in bubble settings?

Hi guys,

I want to parameterize other languages on my app, but I’m struggling with the native way of doing it in the bubble settings.

Here is what I’ve done :

1. Creating a field in user

2. The language field in user depends on options set

3. Set the language in bubble settings.


When I’m setting a condition on an element, it doesn’t work. Here are my trials :

My solution

I’m forced to use the following to have it working


Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


I created a video exactly for this. Maybe it is helpful for you.



Hi @Sarah_Biberei,

You saved my day once again, thanks a lot for helping!

I will definitely subscribe to your tutorial :wink:

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Good tutorial! I implemented the same solution and it works perfectly.

Do you have any suggestions on how to handle multiple languages when the user is not logged in and we cannot access the Language field?

I’ve seen that once I log out the app remains on the last user’s language until you load another page, then after loading another page it goes back to the default value that we set in the Settings page.
I’d like to let the change the language even if they are not logged in users.

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