How to pass additional keys in API Calls tab?

Hello everyone!

I have ‘MyKey’ in Additional Keys

Added it to my plugin from user side

And I want to get it in my request params

Or if it’s not possible, how can I rename(or add some documentation ) for a default generated ‘Authorization (header)’ property?

I’m not really sure exactly what you are trying to do but I think that if you remove the {} and replace them with [] around the MyKey you will be able to have that as a dynamic value.

@boston85719 thank you for replying!

So, I’m trying to pass a user token in my plugin API request.
btw → [] it doesn’t work for me
Header interpreters it as a string
‘Authorization: Bearer [MyKey]’

If it is a shared header it won’t work. If it is a header in a single API call it should work to get you the ability to add dynamic values for the MyKey value.

@boston85719 same thing for a single API request, is there any doc where I can read about this feature?

I think the Bubble Manual…but I also don’t think you can do this in Headers if it is shared headers…I don’t really remember off hand which areas allow for the dynamic values but I’m pretty sure the shared headers do not, but if I recall correctly the headers in a call do.

The Header of Stripe-Account doesn’t have a value here, but it is dynamic since it will be prompted to add when performing this call.

If you are using the value in a URL parameter you’d need to use the

@boston85719 got it, thanks!

So, to summarize, you can’t pass a dynamic into the header.

Not Shared Headers…but in my screen shot in the header section it is dynamic

it was a screenshot from ‘dynamic’ (a header for a single API request)