Dynamic content in API call header

Hello Team.

My app makes API calls to a third party service. Authentication is by an API Key in the header of the call.

Each of my users has a unique API key so I need to be able to insert that user specific API key into the header of each call. The API keys are stored in the users record of the user database.

I can’t get my head around how to do it.




I have not tried this yet I mean getting the API key dynamically but I will need this anytime. My head is also into it.

I think when making API calls in workflow, the way I put dynamic values to the call in other parameters like let’s say you have a input value to call the API that requires user generated values. You get the value from those inputs dynamically.

Same way you can use an input where user will store their API key and you will get the value to synch in the workflow.

When we call API in workflow it show us all the dynamic values field that can be filled dynamically.

Note: You must add the Authentication parameter outside the URL of the API endpoint in connector plugin like other parameters

Have you tried just setting the API’s authentation to None, but then in the call itself add it to the Header, and uncheck “Private”?

Then when they make the call just manually type in the value Bearer first then [your user's API key dynamic data]

Or is this something the User themselves shouldn’t even see, meaning privacy rules don’t let them see their own key? Then you could run the API call in the backend instead and run the workflow ignoring privacy.