How to pass an option set value from an external API to my Bubble app API?


This field is required by a public API endpoint in my app:

So I have to pass one of this option set values:

How can I pass that value from an external api to my app? In my case, I will do a post to this endpoint, using Xano. How should I write it in the post request?

The only thing that comes to my mind is to include the following in the post:

"Queued workflo...": "option set value display"

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

Yeah if you are creating key value pairs on a backend workflow to be mapped from an external api then it is possible to make the “type” of one into an Option Set. You just need to make sure the external api send the data with the same key name and the value needs to be a String that matched the Display of the option. If it is sometimes empty or not matching then you need to check the Optional box or it will throw an error.

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