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How to perform a search for a month in a Date/time entry

Hi all,
What is the ideal way to perform a search for a Month in a Date field?

I have a a list of Reminders and I want to show a list of these in a Repeating Group for a single month for example august.

How can I add a condition to get only the entries for the month of August?

Since it’s a Date field, there are no much options to filter the field to match a particular month

Hi @syedammar07, what I usually do is search for everything contained between two dates.

For filter you should use a date/time picker, this will return a full date, usually in the form of “08/01/2021 12:00 am” for august. So you should then do a search for reminders between that date and the same date + 1 month.

In the end the search would look like this:

“Fecha” = date field I want to search
“Mes y Año Dashboard” is the date time picker I use.

If you want to search for more than 1 month, use “Range” in the picker, if you are only using 1 month use “Value”.

For this I constantly use this plugin: Air Date/Time Picker Plugin | Bubble

Hope this helps!

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