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How do I search via applying :filter on a Date field?


Understanding that when using ‘current date/time’ to perhaps record when an event/task is due the time is set to ‘12.00 am’

…now, as I understand it, when searching for such a thing the :filter on the Date field must also be ‘change hours to 0’ and ‘change minutes to 0’, BUT this is returning ‘empty’ even though I have all the relationships correct and can see the event/task in the debugger.

appreciate your input.


see below:

This shows that there is an actual event:

This shows the :filter constraints being applied which matches those of the event in the screenshot above:

This shows no records matching the constraints:

Therefore, result is empty.

Is this something you could put on the forum app? Could help us help you. My first thought is why even have filtered? Seems like you should be looking for the first items name without the filter.

Or maybe move the filtered after the items name part.

sure @Kfawcett

here is a link to my testing app…

When you run the app click on first button ‘Search by Date [TEST]’ which takes you to the test group.

There is a group called ‘Search by Date Test’, which at the top has a date input restricted to current date and a Description input text field. This can then saved as a Task.

(i’ve also got a ‘delete all tasks’)

At the bottom, there is a text element that looks for all Tasks created today and display the Description. When you review the debugger you’ll that the search returns empty even though there are Things that meet the criteria.

I added another text element. Hopefully it does what you want. I don’t think you can use the equal operator, because it’s looking for an exact match of date and time.

Here’s a few tasks. Tasks 3 and 4 are on different dates and not showing.

Here it’s showing only the tasks on August 21

Here’s the workflow

thanks @Kfawcett for looking into this for me…

I see what you’ve done, and it achieves that I want, so I appreciate your help.

I wonder why using the ‘=’ wouldn’t work even after changing the hours and minutes to 0, which matches the recorded date and time. perhaps @emmanuel can confirm if this is expected or a bug?

I too faced the same problem when I was trying to filter the Items based on current date.
however I managed to convert the date in to text format in a field and filtered with current date and Time formatted as dd/mm/yy and it worked.

In the above screenshot
Current date field is of Text field type instead of date type.

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