How to populate a database with information from a pre-calculated input field in a RG?

Hello, community

I am struggling with the following problem.

  • I have an RG with a bunch of input fields, most of them connected to a database. The inputting and updating of data is done through auto-binding, except for one field.
  • This one input field is actually a calculus that multiplies 4 other input fields in that same RG (those 4 fields are auto-binded, and part of the same database)
  • The calculus works fine but the issue is I want to get the calculated information from the input field (which is not editable, on purpose) into a specific data field from the same database where the other 4 input fields feed into.

How can I do that without auto-binding? :slight_smile:
Thank you!

The fact that it’s in a RG makes it less accessible. Could you have a backend WF that runs when all 4 inputs are not empty (trigger database trigger event) and make the calculation in this WF?

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Hey Julie! Thanks for your valuable input. Any idea what that WF could look like? - especially the adding to the database part. The ultimate goal is to have those calculated numbers in the database. Thanks!

You create a backend WF, New database trigger event that triggers on the type that’s in your RG (in my case I called it input).
When you use this type of backend WF you get the value of the field before and after the change. In your case you want to use the “now” value. When all your values are filled (not empty) you want to trigger your WF.

Then you create the action that simply does the calculation you need, in my case I just filled a 5th field by multiplying all previous fields.

Hope this helps!

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Worked like a charm. The way you provided instructions was just fantastic. Thank you, Julie.

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