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Having a calculation as a field in a data type

I am interested in creating a formula in a database field that can change if the user changes the input.

Does this have to be done through work flows every time or can you create a field that is calculated off other fields.

For example if a users gets a partial refund/rebate from their supplier then their profit calculation needs to change.

Right now I am calculating Sale Price - (Sale Price x Market Place fees) -(Sale Price x Payment Processor fees) - COGS and then the information is stored a field called Profit.

The user will need the ability to (-) from the COGS when they get a rebate and then also if they ever need to do a partial refund to customer they will need the ability to adjust the Market Place fees and Payment Processor fees automatically by just adjusting the sales price.

I am only a week into learning bubble so if this is an example of a complete newbie question, I apologize.


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@dropshiptyler1 You can do this with initial content for inputs and then the values can update when user types something new. If you are still experimenting with various approaches, share a test page here so others can give you suggestions

This isn’t easily done when there is a RG and you try to trigger a workflow off of the value (let’s say text box) changes, and when the table is sorted and the field is auto-binded. I’ve noticed that the system will update values in the table and apply sorting before applying workflow, resulting in the wrong values being passed as the Current Cell. The re-sorted equivalent indexed row will be sent to the workflow. This is a major bug that needs to be resolved. Otherwise, yes, you can change when the value is updated on a single page, for example.