How to populate a drop-down with dynamic data that is taken from a field, and not a type

My page has two features. One is to select a topic and see a learning video on the topic. Other is to ask users to enter a topic and their favourite video URL.

I have a drop-down with the list of topics. I want this to be populated with the topic that users enter while submitting their favourite video link and topic.

In the database, I have created a Type - Learning Videos which consists of two fields Topic and Video Source. Now, I want the dropdown menu to be populated with the values from the field Topic which keeps getting updated dynamically.

But, there is no option I can find to select a field. When I select Dynamic Choices and select Do a Search for, it asks for Type.


My web app is at

Got it. I need to use the Option Caption field to select the field Topic Name by selecting Current Option’s Topic Name and the dropdown gets populated with the field Topic Name list of entries.

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