Dropdown List: Dynamically List Data Field Name

Hi All,

Apologies for my newbie type question. I am building a small game. I want to offer a player a list of challenges and let them select from, a drop-down list, which of their character’s skills they would like to use to solve the challenge.

The character’s skills are stored in a sub-data type called “Skills” of which the three fields are “Charm” “Stealth” and “Combat”. I have set the drop-down list to pick one of these three from a list, so I can assign it’s value to the skill challenge. However I can’t figure out how to display the field names for the user to select. Please help!

If I understand your question, then this should help:

Thank you! Really helped crystalize the problem. In my case I needed to create a nested sub data type as a list on my first data type, and then use the name field for the nested type, but still worked well, thank you!