How to prevent UI/UX designer messing up functionality?

I’m considering hiring UI/UX designers to re-polish my bubble app, but i’m concerned how to give it over without them messing up the functionality that i worked so hard for the last year.

Is there any preventive system to share the editor with designers? (especially in case of hiring non-bubble designers)

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you could commit development versions

hire someone who can do both :raising_hand_man:



I can help you with this.Please check your PM.

Gabriel A.

I had a client who attempted to change the UI without letting me know first. The results were disastrous. Good thing we have version control and recovery was easy.

You need to know what you are doing. Many Bubble developers like myself put great emphasis in User Experience and Design. The Bubble platform is also powerful enabler for creative design.

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Ever notice how most of the spammy posts have cis in the user’s name?

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Yeah. @cheskiefisch, I would recommend choosing a freelancer(s) using the official Bubble agency list, linked below. You never know who could be wanting to scam you :wink: