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How to preview when page content has a thing

Hi All,

I have been using content type on my app pages.

I have set up pages with content type Organisation. Users all belong to an organisation.

The issue I have is I need to login as dummy users to proveiew and test updates. This is fine in development, however, I can no longer review and problem solve for users as I do not record passwords so cannot login as them.

Is there a way around this?


Hi there, @stuart.leo… if I understand your post correctly, it doesn’t seem like you are familiar with the “run as” feature. If you switch to the live app and view All Users in the App data tab, you can run as any user in the system (by clicking the Run as link in the first column of the table) and view the app as a specific user. Is that what you are trying to do?


Thanks for the response Mike.

I have tried run as but this does not send the thing id to the URL and so I get redirected back to the login page.

I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be working for you, but I have noticed some “finicky” behavior in the past with the Run as feature where sometimes I have to initiate it while I am on the index page in the editor, and sometimes I have to initiate it from a page that is specifically not the index page. I have never really cared enough to try to figure out why, but I have never had a problem getting it to work.

Maybe someone else will have a suggestion here or maybe an email to support is the way to go.

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Consider typing the needed content of the url parameters in the url. Find out the slug or unique ID or any other needed url parameter.

If the app does not use url parameters and rather passes the object from origin page to destination page via Bubble’s native functionality (page type being the object) then consider “running as” from the origin page.

Another idea is to turn off the event or logic that redirects users. This way when you run as from the origin page the redirection logic will not trigger.